July 31, 2014 – Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village

Clearly, not-to-be-missed in the Detroit area, and highlights of our reunion, are the Henry Ford Museum and the adjoining Greenfield Village in Dearborn Michigan.

Henry Ford Museum (Copula and Spire), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31

Enroute, we passed the World’s Largest Tire, located along I-94 near the Detroit Airport, it is a 2-ton, 80-foot-tall behemoth which was built to withstand hurricane-force winds, and served as a Ferris wheel (and a huge advertisement for Uniroyal) at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair.

World's Largest Tire, Allen Park, MI - 2014-07-31Named for its founder, the noted automobile industrialist Henry Ford,

Henry Ford Museum (Henry Ford's Statue), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
and based on his desire to preserve items of historical significance and portray the Industrial Revolution, the combined museum and village house a vast array of famous homes, machinery, exhibits, and Americana. The collection contains many rare exhibits including John F. Kennedy’s presidential limousine, Abraham Lincoln’s chair from Ford’s Theatre, Thomas Edison’s laboratory, the Wright Brothers’ bicycle shop, and the Rosa Parks bus.

Entering the museum, our first stop, one is greeted by an icon of Americana.

Oscar Mayer Weiner, Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
From there, there are vast exhibits which make wandering among the aisles and trying to see everything a challenge. We quickly realized the admonitions that it takes several days to thoroughly see everything was more than rhetoric … as we had only today.

The following, therefore, is just a sampling of what the museum has to offer …


Ambler Mowing Machine – circa 1836
Henry Ford Museum (Ambler Mowing Machine - circa 1836), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Moldboard Plow – circa 1845
Henry Ford Museum (Moldboard Plow - circa 1845), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Manure Spreader – crica 1905
Henry Ford Museum (Manure Spreader - crica 1905), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Oliver Chilled Iron Cast Plow – circa 1890
Henry Ford Museum (Oliver Chilled Iron Cast Plow - circa 1890), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
At the wheel of a Massy-Harris Model-20 Combine – circa 1940
Henry Ford Museum (Dick 'driving' a Massy-Harris Model-20 Combine - circa 1940), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Experimental Tractor – circa 1907
Henry Ford Museum (Exxperimental Tractor - circa 1907), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Model of Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin – circa 1920

Henry Ford Museum (Eli Whitney Model Cotton Gin - circa 1920), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31

American Life

1940s radio

Henry Ford Museum (Radio - circa 1940s), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Wood burning stoves and exterior lights

Henry Ford Museum (Wood Stoves and Hanging Outside Lights), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
1960s, 1970s and 1980s Television

Henry Ford Museum (TVs - 1950s, 1960s and 1960s), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
A history of telephones

Henry Ford Museum (Telephone), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
One of many period furniture exhibits and an original painting of Mark Twain

Henry Ford Museum (Period Furniture), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31History of Car Seats

Henry Ford Museum (Car Seats), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Early McDonald’s Restaurant
Henry Ford Museum (Mcdonald's Sign), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Texaco Gas Station
Henry Ford Museum (Texaco Gas Station), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
1950s Teen Things

Henry Ford Museum (Teen Things - circa 1950s), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31

Presidential Limousines

Teddy Roosevelt – Brougham Carriage – circa 1902
Henry Ford Museum (Presidential Limo - Teddy Roosevelt), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Franklin D. Roosevelt – Lincoln Sunshine Special – circa 1939
Henry Ford Museum (Presidential Limo - FDR), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Dwight D. Eisenhower – Bubble-top Lincoln – 1950 (formerly used by President Truman)
Henry Ford Museum (Presidential Limo - Eisenhower), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
John F. Kennedy – Lincoln – 1961
Henry Ford Museum (Presidential Limo - Kennedy), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Ronald Reagan – Lincoln – 1972

Henry Ford Museum (Presidential Limo - Reagan), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31

American History – “With Liberty and Justice for All”

Folding cot bed used by George Washington
Henry Ford Museum (Folding Cot Bed Used by George Washington), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Cloth from stage actress Laura Keene’s dress. Her company was playing at Ford’s Theatre, Washington, on the night of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. Keene entered the presidential box at Ford’s Theatre after the President was shot by John Wilkes Booth, and cradled the wounded President’s head in her lap right in front of Mary Todd Lincoln.
Henry Ford Museum (Laura Keene's Dress Fragment from the Night President Lincolnwas Assassinated on April 14, 1865), Dear
Original chair in which President Lincoln was seated when he was shot by John Wilkes Booth
Henry Ford Museum (Original Chair in Which President Lincoln was Assassinated on April 14, 1865), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-
Rosa Parks “Bus”
Henry Ford Museum (Segregated America - Rosa Parks Bus), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Debbie in the seat Rosa Parks refused to give up on December 1, 1955 in Montgomery, AL
Henry Ford Museum (Segregated America - Rosa Parks Bus Seat), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Colored drinking fountain
Henry Ford Museum (Segregated America - Colored Drinking Fountain), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31

Henry Ford Museum (Segregated America - NAACP Poster), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31

Original and First-edition Documents

Stamp Act (1765)
Henry Ford Museum (Original Copy of the Stamp Act of 1765), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” (1776)

Henry Ford Museum (Original Copy of Thomas Paine's 'Common Sense' - 1776), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31

Harriet Beacher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” (1952)

Henry Ford Museum (Original Copy of Harriet Beacher Stowe's 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' - 1852), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Henry Ford gave this trailer to his friend Charles Lindberg in 1942
Henry Ford Museum (Stagecoach Travel Trailer - 1935), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
1949 Airstream Trailwind
Henry Ford Museum (Airstream Trailwind - 1949), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
1959 Volkswagon Westfalia
Henry Ford Museum (Volkswagin Westfalia - 1959), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
1975 FMC Motorhome – Used by CBS’ Charles Kuralt for his 27 year “On the Road” show.

Henry Ford Museum (Charles Kuralt's FMC Motorhome - 1975), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31

Women of Rock N Roll – Special Exhibit
Debbie loved this!

 Carrie Underwood – Taylor Swit – Alica Keye
Henry Ford Museum (Women of Rock n Roll Exhibit - Carrie Underwood - Taylor Swit - Alica Keyes), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-3
Henry Ford Museum (Women of Rock n Roll Exhibit - Madonna), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31

Henry Ford Museum (Women of Rock n Roll Exhibit - Cher), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31


Henry Ford Museum (DC-3), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Ford Flivver – 1926
Henry Ford Museum (Ford Flivver - 1926), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Ford Tri-motor
Henry Ford Museum (Ford Tri-Motor), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
1929 Lockheed Vega – the same type of aircraft Amelia Ehrhart flew on her ill-fated around the world attempt in 1939
Henry Ford Museum (Lockhead Vega - 1929), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Pitcarin PCA-2 Autogyro
Henry Ford Museum (Pitcarin PCA-2 Autogyro - 1931), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Byrd Antarctic Expedition Fokker – 1929
Henry Ford Museum (Byrd Antartic Expedition Fokker), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Replica of the Wright Brothers’ first flight airplane

Henry Ford Museum (Wright Brothers Airplane - b), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31 Henry Ford Museum (Wright Brothers Airplane - a), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31

Ground Transportation

Henry Ford Museum (Stagecoach), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Actual Assembly of a Model-T

Henry Ford Museum (Assembling an Ford Model T), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31From these parts
Henry Ford Museum (Parts for Assembling an Ford Model T), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
1914 Model-T

Henry Ford Museum (Ford Model T - 1914), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
1903 Model-A
Henry Ford Museum (Ford Model A - 1903), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
1908 Model-S
Henry Ford Museum (Ford Model S - 1908), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
1896 Ford Quadricycle
Henry Ford Museum (Ford Quadricycle Runabout - 1896), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
1899 Duryea Trap
Henry Ford Museum (Duryea Trap - 1899), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
1865 Roper Steam Carriage
Henry Ford Museum (Roper Steam Carriage - 1865), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
1896 Riker Electric Tricycle
Henry Ford Museum (Riker Electric Tricycle - 1896), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
1903 Oldsmobile Runabout – The best-selling car in America between 1901-1905
and the inspiration for the popular song,
“Come away with me, Lucille,
In my merry Oldsmobile
Down the road of life we’ll fly
Automobubbling, you and I”
Henry Ford Museum (Oldsmobile Runabout - 1903), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
1912 Ford Milk Truck
Henry Ford Museum (Milk Truck - circa 1912), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
1927 Ford Blue Bird No. 1 – American’s oldest surviving school bus
Henry Ford Museum (Blue BIrd 1 School Bus - 1927), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Brugatti Type 41 – circa 1931
Henry Ford Museum (Brugatti Type 41 - circa 1931), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Electric Commuta Car – 1980
Henry Ford Museum (Commuta Electric Car - 1980), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Duisenberg Model J -1931
Henry Ford Museum (Duisenberg Model J -1931), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
1956 Thunderbird
Henry Ford Museum (Ford Thunderbird - 1956), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
1958 Edsel
Henry Ford Museum (Edsel - 1958), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
1957 Cheve BelAire – Identical in color to a car Debbie’s dad owned
Henry Ford Museum (Chevrolet Belair - 1957), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Chevrolet Corvair – 1960 – The car Debbie and dated in between 1964-1966
Henry Ford Museum (Chevrolet Corvair - 1960), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Scores of other cars
Henry Ford Museum (Line-up of Many Cars), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
1965 Goldenrod – In November 1965, this car streaked across Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats at 409.227 MPH, breaking the land speed record for wheeled cars … a record which stood until 1991

Henry Ford Museum (Goldenrod -1965), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31

While wandering among the locomotives,
Henry Ford Museum (Wayne County Roads Locomotive), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31Henry Ford Museum (Rogers Locomotive - circa 1958), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31

and just a few minutes before we had planned to leave the museum, we ran into friends from the time we lived in New Hampshire, Bill and Susan Weiske and their daughter Tara, whom we’ve not seen in more than 20 years.

2014-08-01 - Susan and Boll Wiskie and Tara, Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, MI

After meeting up with our RV friends we went to

Greenfield Village (Entrance), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31Henry Ford is the largest indoor-outdoor museum complex in America. After passing by the Josephine Ford Memorial Fountain

Greenfield Village (Josephine R. Ford Plaza - a), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
nearly one hundred historical buildings were moved to the property from their original locations and arranged in a “village” setting. The Village’s intent is to show how Americans lived and worked since the founding of the country and includes buildings from the 17th century to the present, many of which are staffed by costumed interpreters who conduct period tasks like farming, sewing and cooking. Greenfield Village has 240 acres of land of which only 90 acres are used for the attraction, the rest being forest, river and extra pasture for the sheep and horses.

Our first stop as at the Eagle Tavern for lunch.

Greenfield Village (Eagle Tavern), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31 Greenfield Village (Eagle Tavern - Lunch a), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31We then struck out separately to tour the amazing array of buildings.

Martha-Mary Chapel

 Greenfield Village (Martha-Mary Chapel - a), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31Greenfield Village (Martha-Mary Chapel - Interior), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31

Farris Windmill – built in West Yarmouth on Cape Cod in the mind-1600s, it is believed to be the oldest windmill in the United States

Greenfield Village (Farris Windmill), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31Replica of the cabin where George Washington Carver was born … into slavery but was later known for his achievements as an agricultural chemist

Greenfield Village (George Washington Carver Cabin), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31William Holmes McGuffey’s birthplace and cabin (circa 1800)

Greenfield Village (William Holmes McGuffey Birthplace), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31Susquehanna Plantation (circa 1835) – the home of Henry and Elizabeth Carroll who enjoyed a prosperous life … in large part due to his enslaved workers whom he made work brutal hours in the fields

Greenfield Village (Susquehanna Plantation), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31Hermitage Slave Quarters

Greenfield Village (Hermitage Slave Quarters), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31Mattox Family Home (circa 1880) – who lined the walls of their home with newspapers to insulate against cool Georgia and nights and winters

Greenfield Village (Mattox Family Home), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31 Greenfield Village (Mattox Family Home - Interior - b), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31Greenfield Village (Mattox Family Home - Interior - a), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31

Plympton Family Home (circa 1700s) – Thomas Plympton, Sr. arrived in America in 1639 and lived in this one-room house in Sudbury Massachusetts where they raised seven children

 Greenfield Village (Plimpton Family Home), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31 Greenfield Village (Plimpton Family Home - Interior), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31

Typical 17th and 18th century fence

Greenfield Village (17th - 18th Century Fencing), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Ackley Covered Bridge (circa 1832)

Greenfield Village (Ackley Covered Bridge - 1832), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31Chapman Family Home (1860) – John Chapman was Henry Ford’s favorite teacher and transferred to the nearby Miller School when Chapman got a job there. Although he lived in a small home, Chapman was a large man and used his build to intimidate disobedient students in his classroom.

Greenfield Village (Chapman Family Home), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31 Greenfield Village (Miller School), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31

Cotswold Cottage (circa early 1600s) – Limestone was plentiful in England and many homes were made of this natural resource. Originally small, modest country homes they also became escapes for city-dwelling people.

Greenfield Village (Cotswold Cottage - a), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31 Greenfield Village (Cotswold Cottage - Complex), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31Noah Webster’s Home (built in New Haven, CT in 1823) – He lived in this home with his wife, two daughters and at least one African American slave. His famous American Dictionary of the English Language with some 70,000 entries was published in 1828 and sold for $20.00

Greenfield Village (Noah Webster Home), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31Luther Burbank’s Birthplace (Built around 1800 in Lancaster, MA) and Garden Office (Built around 1900 in Santa Rosa, CA) – Known as “the plant wizard”, during his 53-year career he worked as a plant breeder and produced more than 800 varieties including many popular varieties of daisies and potatoes.

 Greenfield Village (Luther Burbank Birthplace), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31 Greenfield Village (Luther Burank Garden Office), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31 Greenfield Village (Luther Burank Garden Office - Interior), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31Robert Frost’s home (circa 1835 in Ann Arbor, MI) – In this home in which he lived as a poet-in-residence at the University of Michigan in the 1920s , Frost wrote some of his best poetry, including “Spring Pools”.

 Greenfield Village (Robert Frost Home), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31

The Heinz House (built in Sharpsburg PA in 1854) – H.J. Heinz spent much of his time in the basement of his family’s house making and bottling horseradish. He was soon producing many other items including pickles, sauerkraut and celery sauce.

 Greenfield Village (Heinz House), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31

Cohen’s Millinery – Elizabeth Cohen was a young widow who opened up this millinery shop as a way to earn money after her husband’s death; living on the second floor while running the shop.

 Greenfield Village (Cohen Millinery), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-312014-07-31 - Debbie at Milner's Shop, Greenwood Village, Dearborn, MI

Henry Ford’s Restored home (built in 1861 in Springwells Township, MI) – Henry Ford was born and grew up in this house with his five brothers and sisters. He left home at the age of 16 to find opportunities in the growing industries of Detroit. Ford made certain everything was exactly as he remembered. For 18 months he sent be people around the country searching for the dining room stove like the one that was in his boyhood home.

Greenfield Village (Windmill Outside Henry Ford's Home), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31

This building was modeled after Henry Ford’s first factory, located on Mack Avenue in Detroit.

Greenfield Village (Ford Motor Company), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31The Wright Brothers’ Family home

Greenfield Village (WRIGHT BROTHERS FAMILY HOME), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31The Wright Cycle Shop (built circa 285 in Dayton, OH) – The Wright Cycle Shop is considered the “birthplace of aviation”. This is the original building where the Wright Flyer was made. Orville and Wilbur did much of the hands-on work on their airplanes here.

 Greenfield Village (Wright Cycle Shop), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31 Greenfield Village (Wright Cycle Shop - Interior - a), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31 Greenfield Village (Wright Cycle Shop - Interior - b), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31 Greenfield Village (Wright Cycle Shop - Interior - c), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31The only photograph of the Wright Brothers’ first flight.at Kitty Hawk on December 1, 1903

Greenfield Village (Wright Brothers First Flight at Kitty Hawk, NC - December 17, 1903), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31Statue of Thomas Alva Edison (1847 – 1981), holder of 1.093 patents, was one of Henry Ford’s closest friends

Greenfield Village (Thomas Alva Edison Statue), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park Complex – home of the first electric light bulb, the first phonograph and many other inventions.


Greenfield Village (Thomas Alva Edison's Menlo Complex - Office), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31 Greenfield Village (Thomas Alva Edison's Menlo Complex - Office Interior, Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31


 Greenfield Village (Thomas Alva Edison's Menlo Complex - Laboratory), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31 Greenfield Village (Thomas Alva Edison's Menlo Complex - Laboratory - b), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31

 With the exception of arsenic and asbestos, all of the other chemicals Edison had in his laboratory are on display in the precise locations as they sat on his shelves

With the exception of arsenic and asbestos, all of the other chemicals Edison had in his laboratory are on display in the precise locations as they sat on his shelves

While not the first to produce an electric light, Edison was the first to invent one which would burn for more than a few seconds – his secret, a carbon coated thread encased in a vacuum bulb

Greenfield Village (Thomas Alva Edison's Menlo Complex - Laboratory - d), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Edison’s chair, and the actual flooring from his original lab underneath, where he watched his first electric light burn for 13½ hours on December 31, 1779

Greenfield Village (Thomas Alva Edison's Menlo Complex - Laboratory - c - Chair), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31
Edison’s cylinder phonograph, invented in 1877

Greenfield Village (Thomas Alva Edison's Menlo Complex - Laboratory - a), Dearborn, MI - 2014-07-31There are a host of other historical and interesting structures within the Ford’s Greenwood Village collection.

Back at our campground, after a long rush-hour trip, we all gathered around for wine and a dinner which ended up being little more than store-bought popcorn and one or more slices of Carol’s award-winning chocolate cake!

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