September 3 – Zanesville OH to Home

While we didn’t leave Zanesville earlier than we normally leave for a day’s travel, in the back of my mind I was thinking about breaking all of our normal rules about mileage and driving the nearly 450 miles to get home today.

Mist rising above the campground’s lake.

The first mile or so after leaving the campground was narrow

but quickly we were on Interstates.

However, the same weather which crated the morning mist over the campground lake also produced wide areas of low clouds which settled in between the rolling hills of eastern Ohio.

We were passed by a line of electrical workers, possibly headed for the Mid-Atlantic States to help in restoring power in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida

followed by the first load of hay we’ve seen on this trip.

Then more fog …

As today is the beginning of the Labor Day weekend, we were not surprised to see a number of state and local police and sheriff cars out in force.

Then a quick, just 20-odd miles of I-70 through

and on into

where we saw not only more farms

but also more

and one semi driver who was probably wishing he was home.

There was another

which seemed out of place and a Model-T with a bike rack … a first for us.

Over the next 40 miles we passed through the four tunnels on the turnpike

the last of which brought us back into the sunlight overlooking a wide valley.

Then …

As we got within the last fifty miles the effects of Ida became clear along the edge of the highway.

Amazingly, we pulled into Shady Brook almost exactly eight hours after leaving Zanesville.  An hour or so to unload the motorhome and put things away and we were ready for wine with Brian and Gilles on their patio.









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