November 11 – Heading Home – Sarasota FL to Florence SC

Yesterday we walked with the group, finished the paperwork surrounding our Elite Site and undertook a number of housekeeping chores.  This evening we had dinner at Sandy (my cousin) and Jeff Fitts’.

This morning our final packing of our car for the nearly 1,200 mile trip home … without our motorhome!

Our plan was for a three-day two-night trip back to Pennsylvania.  Despite an early start, putting us in the midst of rush hour traffic while driving just east of Tampa, we did not encounter any slowdowns and by noon were already in Georgia.  As Debbie always packs our lunches during road trips, whether in our motorhome or in the car, we made a brief stop in the Georgia Welcome Center and were then back on the road.

Having made this trip in both directions so many times, there were not many new or overly interesting things of interest for my shutterbug wife to point her camera at … other than …

Around 5:00 PM, nine hours and nearly six hundred miles later, we pulled in to a Hampton Inn in Florence, South Carolina

We grabbed a dinner at a local Cracker Barrel just down the street and then turned in early, although not feeling nearly as exhausted as we often do after the 360 mile trip to visit our daughter and family in New Hampshire.



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