May 9 – Ashland to Home

We decided on an early start this morning in hopes of getting into and around Washington before there was any apprecaitble traffic, even thought is was a Sunday.

Surprisingly the traffic was very light and had virtually no slowdowns around DC and even up and over the Francis Scot Key Bridge in Baltimore.

Debbie spotted two "unusual" vehicles along teh way, a "differnt" motorhome

and care with what at first appeared as spiked hubcap bolts … which turned out to be "bullets".

We continued to make excellent progress and it looked like we'd be home before noon, in a record of 4½ from Ashland.  That is until we were a mere 21 miles from home!

When we finally got up to the scene of the apparent accident, we couldn't figure out what had happened.

Finally arrived back to ShadYBrook before 12:30.  A couple of hours to unload and ready to relax when Debbie discovered we'd had soem "visitors" in our absence.  After tracking and cleaning up the hundreds of little black droppings, we discovered a dead mouse! 

For the moment, we think we're rid of the rodents, but are now chasing down the source of some ants.

Oh well … home safely and stayed COVID-free all winter.

Now looking forward to our next trip, leavin gin mid-August.

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