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September 3 – Zanesville OH to Home

While we didn’t leave Zanesville earlier than we normally leave for a day’s travel, in the back of my mind I was thinking about breaking all of our normal rules about mileage and driving the nearly 450 miles to get … Continue reading

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September 2 – Anderson IN to Zanesville OH

No sooner than we got on the road, we ran into our first “Road Work”. Fortunately, we had mapped out a short route over secondary roads to get to I-70. Surprise … the entrance ramp was closed … more “Road … Continue reading

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September 1 – Still at the Anderson KOA Campground

We woke this morning to temperatures in the mid 50s, a full 20 degrees cooler than at any time over the past week. Having made the decision to head home, we could have started today … but postponed our departure … Continue reading

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