January 1 – 10, 2022 – Sun N Fun

With COVID still raging in Florida we are continuing to limit our interactions to those whom we know have been vaccinated and take precautions similar to ours.  When leaving Sun N Fun (still can’t get used to the parks new name, Sun Outdoors Sarasota), thus far it has been to shop (we’re always masked) or to visit with Debbie’s brother Dick and wife Kate or my cousin Sandy and husband Jeff, all of whom are also fully vaccinated and Boosted!

Our first full day back was New Year’s Day … and we spent much of it beginning to get oriented and figuring out how we wanted to organize our shed and what we could off-load from our coach and store in it.  That night, many of the holiday lights were still in place …

Mornings we are again walking with the “Suntrekkers” group.  I’ve gotten back with the photography club and am again sailing my radio-controlled model sailboat.

Also we’ve made several trips to Home Depot, Lowe’s, Home Goods and a few other stores to get items for the shed, to purchase some plants for our site and do necessary grocery shopping.

Although still waiting for the power to be installed in our shed, everything else for our new site has come together nicely.

Debbie now thinks that as nearly everything inside the shed is mine it should now be renamed my “man cave” (a term we both hate).

Last Saturday we participated in the January Craft Fair at an outside pavilion

where Debbie sold some of her knitted blankets

and I sold some of my photography.

These craft fairs are also a wonderful “social” event where we get to see a lot of our Sun N Fun friends.

The recent weather, as I have taken great pride in telling friends and family back home, has been beautiful, 12″ to 15″ of sunshine daily and daytime temperatures in the high 70s to low 80s … although the nights have seen “frigid” temperatures in the mid-60s!

It’s a tough life … but I suppose someone has to be here and suffering.

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