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June 30 – Back to Seattle

By the time we awoke at around 5:45 this morning, the ship was already in the process of docking in Seattle. As we'd packed most everything last night, we got dressed and headed to the Lido Deck fo breakfast … … Continue reading

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June 29 – At Sea and Victoria, BC

The trip from Ketchikan to Victoria, British Columbia took most of the day.  Morevoer, until the afternoon, we were sailing through as thick as fog as I've ever experienced at sea with visibility down to as little as 100 yards … Continue reading

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June 28 – Ketchikan, Alaska

I was again up early … by 5:00 AM … and went in search of some morning coffee on the 9th deck dining room.  Outside, our ship was nearing Ketchikan and many fishing, tugs and other commercial boats were already … Continue reading

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June 27 – Sitka, Alaska

Our ship arrived off Sitka early this morning and, unlike other ports of call, it was necessary for it to back in to its berth where all of the freight and supplies for the residents arrives and where a small … Continue reading

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June 26 – Glacier Bay

 Until 10,000 years ago, continental-scale ice sheets came and went many times for seven million years.  During the Great Ice Age, these ice sheets would reach as far south as the upper Midwest of the United States.  Glacier Bay today … Continue reading

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June 25 – Juneau – Alaska’s State Capitol

I awoke early and looking out our cabin window just in time to catch the sun raising about the mountains to the east of the Gasineau Channel. While Debbie slept in … is was only a few minutes after 5:00 … Continue reading

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June 24 – A Day at Sea

We awoke about 50 miles east of the coast of British Columbia and out of sight of land under an overcast sky and a gradually increasing swell causing the ship to begin to gradually roll back-and-forth.  While a new sensation … Continue reading

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June 23 – Off to Alaska

After waking early and hanging around for several hours we decided to move our motorhome to the storage area Fortunately these sites have 110V power so we can keep our refrigerator runing during our absnece at the campground we were … Continue reading

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June 22 – A Day in Bothell for Packing and Country Village

This morning we had to change sites here at Lake Pleasant and took the time walk this rather large campground. The campground's signature water wheel Flower baskets everywhere Mural on the office building Ducks, Ducks and More Dicks We also … Continue reading

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June 21 – Ellensburg to Bothell, WA

After leaving the KOA campground and topping off our gas tank, we jumped back on I-90 westbound and were immediately advised of We were quickly back in farm country Along a nearby ridgeline were more wind turbines … with the … Continue reading

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