April 27, 2013 – Lindsey’s and DJ’s Wedding

The site of Lindsey’s and DJ’s wedding was an outdoor chapel area along the shore of Lake Anna.

For much of the morning, Debbie, my cousin Leslie, my Uncle Bill and others worked feverously to decorate the pontoon boat


which carried the bride, her dad and her attendants to the wedding ceremony.

The program was unique

as were the directions for seating.

Lindsey was simply beautiful!

DJ’s face instantly lit up on seeing his bride.

The ceremony was simple yet elegant.


The reception opened with a “Generation’s Dance” which Debbie and I won having been married longer than any other couple.

At the end of the bride’s dance with her dad, Lindsey had a “voice over” which ended with, “You’ll always be my dad and I’ll always be your little girl”.  There was not a dry eye among the wedding party or anyone else in attendance!

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