March 22, 2013 – Bluffton, SC

Cool and overcast.

After a morning of just hanging around, a crew showed up to take down a 50’ tree between our site and one next to us.  While I had complete faith that they would accomplish their mission without incident, we nevertheless decided to move our car (a wise move one limb would have nailed it), pull in the slides on our motor home (to prevent any more sawdust than necessary falling on our coach) and remain close by watching (delaying our short trip over to see my cousin, Bob).

After spending the afternoon with one of my cousins and his wife at Palmetto Bluffs, including a chilly walk, where I saw my first bobcat  in the wild (pardon the grainy image but I barely had time to grab my camera and click of a single picture before it darted into the undergrowth),


we went out to dinner.  Then, back to our home in Hilton Head.

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