March 21, 2013 – Pine Mountain, GA to Hilton Head, SC

We woke to a beautiful pre-dawn sky

amid very chilly weather.


The 300+ mile drive was devoid of much of anything notable other than the occasionally seen displays of Confederate flags.

Another reminder that we’re in the Deep South’s Bible Belt was a sign we saw the other day which read, “LIVE CRUCIFIXION – 7:30 PM FRIDAY“.

Our six hour trip actually went by faster and smoother than we’d anticipated.  While our campground in Hilton Head is very attractive


the weather forecast is for the upcoming weekend is for temperatures 10o to 15o below normal with both rain and thunderstorms predicted. Our one consolation is that, while cooler than Naples, it sure will be a whole lot better and warmer than back in Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, while some of our outdoor plans will likely washed out, we are planning on spending time with my cousin, Bob, and his wife, Mary Jane over the weekend!

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