February 16, 2013 –Along Collier Boulevard Bike Trail

Debbie and I took a bike ride along the bike trail roughly paralleling Collier’s Boulevard.  As with many of Florida’s roads, a water-filled drainage ditch ran along beside the road … where we were enjoyed its bird and reptile inhabitants.

American Alligator

Anhinga Fishing

Mottled Duck


Wood Stork

Snowy Egret

Muscovy Duck

Friendly Muscovy Duck … Up Close and Personal

Great White Egret

Great Blue Heron

And, I missed both a snake and turtle … which were quicker to duck into the woods and water than I was with my camera.

There were also some colorful flora.

Bottle Brush Tree

Eastern Holly

We also ran across an as yet unknown growth on both some rocks and reeds.

This afternoon, we read in the lee of our motor home as the winds howled out of the northwest in advance of a cold front which is supposed to plunge tonight’s overnight temperatures into the low 40os or even high 30os.  Hell, we came as far south as possible to escape such weather.

Tonight, we joined several friends in the club house’s theater for a private showing of “The Light of Day”.

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