January 20, 2013 – The Port Canaveral Shore

On this overcast morning we wandered down to the fishing pier which parallels the channel’s breakwater.  Gazing seaward, we spotted a gray object, escorted by two tugs, slowly taking shape.


 followed up the channel by an armed Coast Guard vessel .


As the submarine turned up a side channel, the Coast Guard vessel turned with the serious end of its armament pointed directly at the boardwalk on which we were standing.


After the “excitement” we decided to take a walk along the beach … where we had some close encounters with a number of shore birds, some of which we’d never seen before.

Black Skimmers

Black-bellied Plovers

Herring Gull just taking flight

Nelson’s Gull


Rudy Turnstones


Sandwich Terns

Before leaving the beach, I walked straight into a huge flock of Black Skimmers which then took to the air en masse.

Heading back to our campground we encountered

Wood Storks

Turkey Vultures

Black Vultures

After running some errands we watched three huge cruise ships head out of the channel adjacent to our campground.

Royal Caribbean

Disney Cruises


While watching the playoffs this evening, we were overcome with the distinctive odor of a skunk … and closed our rig up tight for the evening.

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