May 3, 2010 – Luray Caverns

Once again, when we went to start the car, the battery had died.  Fortunately, the campground maintenance person was able to jump start us from his lawn mower.  After 91,000 miles, it’s probably time to replace it.

We drove to Luray Caverns and were surprised as how different from Carlsbad and how beautiful they were.  

One absolutely amazing thing was the organ which had been installed and connected to carefully- selected stalactites whose pitch corresponded to specific tuning forks.  

The music played sounded like what you’d expect in a cathedral!


Our admission tickets also permitted us access to the adjacent Car Museum.  One hundred twenty vintage automobiles including, a Winton (the first car sold in the US on April 1, 1898),

a 1908 Baker, an environmentally-friendly electric car,


an old Ford milk truck, 

a 1892 Benz,


and of course a Model A.

From there we headed for Annapolis where we’ll be spending the last two days with Wendy and Tom before driving home on Wednesday … although other than seeing the kids and their families, we’d be perfectly happy turning west and spending another month or two on the road.

As there are not RV or even state parks which accommodate RVs in the Annapolis area, we landed about 20 miles south … at the same campground we’d by-passed on the first night of the trip.  Of course, then it was piled high with snow, muddy and had only a few sites (none of which could have accommodated us) open.  

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