March 24, 2010 – The Inevitable Repairs

Two days ago when having an oil change we were advised the inside of our right front tire was coated with oil or grease.


At first the suspicion was that it was a failed brake caliper in which event that the manufacturer would pay for the repairs.  We called the manufacturer and they “recommended” a local dealer, Iron Horse RV. 


Unfortunately, it was a seal which went and both drained the brake hydraulic system and soaked the brake pads meaning they had to be replaced.  Cha Chink!  Cha Chink!

The bad news is that we spent the entire morning parked in Iron Horse’s lot.


The good news was that we met two couples, one of whom are full-time RVers, also in for extended repairs.  

After returning to our campground we had a quick lunch and then it was off to Pep Boys to have the front end of the car we’re towing aligned.  More Cha Chink!

Back “home” again and time for wine.  However, I managed to spill a glass of Merlot on our rug.  

Just one of those days.

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