June 25 – The Klondike, Watson Lake and Sign Post Forest … Sergeant Preston, Where Are you?

We arrive in the Yukon Territory this morning.

Along the way, we were treated to the antics of Browne Bears

Black Bears

and dozens of Wood Bison

Along the way, we again found ourselves in the middle of a cloud as we drove through Coal River.

The fear is not so much running into another vehicle but either hitting a large animal (bear, bison, moose or elk) or having truck or RV coming up behind you too fast.

Watson Lake, our day’s destination, is best known for hosting the famous Signpost Forest … where some 71,000 signs have been posted by visitors traveling to the Yukon and Alaska

since a homesick GI Carl Lindley hung the first sign in 1942.

You can see signs from all over North America as well as from Germany, England and other overseas locations.

Not to be outdone, we hung our sign

before joining some new friends for wine and hors d’ouvers, we took a walk to Wye Lake where we saw butterflies

and a very unusual bee (?) we’ve yet to identify.

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