June 23 – OUCH!

As we are traveling in areas with very limited, and many times non-existent, Internet connectivity, I have been using my Blackberry as a modem.  That’s the good news!

However, the bad news is that in just two short weeks, I have blown through the allocated bandwidth, much of it due to posting photos on our web site blog … $500!

So, while I plan to continue to write daily, I will likely be actually posting these updates only when we are in RV parks and campgrounds which have wireless connectivity we can access.

On more pleasant subject, as you know we are traveling through British Columbia, the Yukon and Alaska with a small caravan of 14 other rigs and a total of 30 other people.  While still very early-on, we have been blessed with some really fun traveling companions … and are convinced that the social camaraderie will make out trip even more fun!

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