June 17 – Calgary to Banff

We left Calgary around 11:00 AM and headed northwest to Banff and the Canadian Rockies.

The weather was cool and overcast with intermittent periods of rain and a few rare glimpses of the sun.  Unfortunately, all of the peaks were hidden so the views were very limited.

Soon, the roadside signs let us know we’d left the city far behind and were entering wilderness areas.

Our first sighting was a pair of coyotes, who were moving so fast getting a clear shot of them was nearly impossible.

As we arrived in Banff, the heavens opened up and so we hunkered down for a couple of hours.  When the downpour let up we went for walk and soon found ourselves watching a small heard of caribou.

Some, up-close and personal.

I thought about following them further into the woods until I spotted a sign indicating there was a pair of cougar in the area and had been following several lone hikers.  On the way back to our RV, we saw a number of ground squirrels.

Shortly after dinner, the skies overhead cleared and some of the mountain peaks broke into the open.

Landscapes became spectacular

And then, a rainbow!

While we had a great time in Calgary, it is good to back on the road again!

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