June 13 – Calgary

As we headed north this morning, the majestic peaks Glacier National Park we’d photographed yesterday began to recede in our rear view mirrors and the landscape once became rolling range and farm land.

A short eighteen miles later,

Alberta Route 2 continues through more range country

where we saw herds of cattle which look markedly different from those we’d seen traveling across America’s upper mid-West.

In the fields along the highway, we passed some great beer advertisements,

brightly-painted grain elevators

sad old barns

as well as those which seemed much happier!

To the west, some 60-100 miles away, we can still see the spine of the Rocky Mountains.

Around 2:00 PM, we reached

and arrived at Ted and Tracy Swanton’s home

With its incredibly view of the Canadian Rockies

and where we’ll spend the next three days … having a couple of minor repairs made to our RV and to spend some time at Petro Energy Corp, on whose Board of Directors I serve.

With no anticipated travel or sights to report on, it’s likely my next update will be on June 17th when we reach Banff.

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