November 8 – Dillon SC to Jacksonville FL

Although now a weekday, we were a little surprised and pleased at the light to moderate traffic, while still seeing a many semi’s making their way south.

However, soon after getting underway, we noticed that northbound I-95 was completely blocked off and all vehicles … several miles of them … were being routed off an exit ramp to rejoin the highway somewhere north.

Breaking the monotony were

I guess this is for girls only


First paddle board we’ve ever seen strapped to the back of a motorhome

Misplaced lighthouse (we’ve photographed in the past) in the middle of a shopping plaza


More than twenty miles of construction with “Jersey Barriers” lining both sides of the road, some not giving a drive, particularly of a larger vehicle, much leeway.

Then we finally reached

Where in just a short 30 miles

Reaching Pecan RV Resort where we normally stay the night before getting to Sarasota, we discovered they had again jacked their rates significantly … and certainly not justified when compared with other campgrounds which offer comparable amenities.


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