August 30 – Decision Day

Today, we needed to make a major decision as to whether to continue our trip or cut it short and return home.

We are concerned that we may have a major problem with our brakes, which could be a real safety issue, particularly as we had planned to be in mountainous areas beginning later next week.  There are also a couple of other minor maintenance items which we had thought were taken care of before we left, only to discover a problem with our steps which had supposedly just been “repaired”.

I have also been having some pain radiating from my lower back down though my right hip and into my right leg.  It becomes particularly uncomfortable after a long period of sitting … which driving our motorhome entails.

After a little on-line research, we think it may be a sciatica nerve problem.

Lastly, one of Debbie’s dearest friends passed away and if we were to get home we might  be able to make the funeral.

So, with very mixed emotions, we reluctantly have decided to cut our planned 10-week trip short and head home.  However, with the torrential remnants of Hurricane Ida working its way north, we also want to delay long enough until the severe weather has passed.  Thus, we plan to leave the Indianapolis area where we’ve spent the past few days on Thursday and hope to get home early Saturday afternoon.

The good news is that we have one more day here and plans to visit one of the colleges Taylor has on her short list and friends from our winters at Sun N Fun in Sarasota.




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