August 20 – Wellsboro to Fairway (Erie) PA

We woke to  a dense fog which had descended into the valley where the campground is located.  While it had begun to lift as we got underway, several low-hanging clouds shrouded some of the nearby hills.

Although some fellow campers recommended a route consisting mainly of Interstates, we opted for the more rural US Route 6 despite its occasional long uphill grades, winding sections and narrow bridges.

Politically, while we spotted a lone “BIDEN-HARRIS” sign, we knew we were deep in

county, with every type of flag, banner and even hand-painted signs proclaiming 2020 and even 2024 support for the former president.  One die-hard Trumper went so far as to plaster one side of his house with a home-made banner, “F*** BIDEN”.

However, more interesting were signs of the Amish influence

in the area (although we never saw any horse-drawn buggies on the road).

Living in the Philadelphia suburbs, it is easy to forget the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is heavily dependent on farming.

We spotted our third drive-in movie theater,

and in-town movie theater still showing recent releases

in the past two days, bringing back memories from our teenage years.

We also spotted

letting us know that the fire danger was LOW.

We considered but ultimately passed on visiting

In many of the small towns we passed through, banners honoring veterans dating back to World War II lined the main streets.

Oh, can’t forget the caboose

nor the lurking Sasquatch whose silhouette appeared in several yards.

Heading to our site at our campground for the next two nights we saw a “first” …

a pontoon boat which has been “docked” and converted into a park model.



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