May 8 – Dillon, SC to Ashland, VA

Overnight a classic GMC motorhome pulled in next to us.

We also noticed the picnic table at the side on our other side likely needed some work (better still, replacement).

Our drive was pretty uneventful … normally a good thing … with only a few sights of interest.

Three classic cars

Circa 1975 VW "Bug"

Circa 1968-70 American Motors AMC AMX

Circa 1968-70 Plymouth Duster

A couple of motocyclists

The James River bridge.

Oh, yes, there was the 15 mile Road Work slowdown.

And, at one point, we noticed a white truck backing upp onto the soulder and then trying to turn around to head back in the wrong direction.  FOrtuantely we we by him before there was any risk to us.

The silkies on the roof or a horse trailer caught our eye, as my grandfather was an owner and racerof trotters in the 1930s.

Of course, there is always Debbie's decaying barn of shed.

We arrived mid-afternoon in Ashland

Giving us ample time to defrost the refrigerator, dump our black and gray water tanks and do some other necesary housekeeping before arring home th enext day and putting the coach in storage for a period ot fime.



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