May 6 – Sebring to Jacksonville

We woke to an unexpected and very foggy eather this morning. 

After having our newly installed windows water-proof checked we headed north toward the Orlando area where we planned ot pick-up I-4 east toward I-95.  The visibility was still poor during our first half-hour on the road.

The fog burnned off as we took US-98 out of Sebring.

Another Sebring mural

Armored equipment frequenly on display outside National Guard Facilities

Strip mall murals

Brightly colored but aabandoned motel

Citrus producer Florida Natural's processing plant's water tower

One of many speed traps

Classic 1950s auto

Just prior to reaching I-4, we hit a major construciton delay

We continued to see sod trucks and patches of lost parts of their loads along the highway

After a beautiful late moring, we began to see some of the predicted storm clouds ahead

Once on I-4, not surprisingly we found ourselves in creep-and-crawl traffic through the entire Orlando and Kissimmee areas

We unfortunately passed several accidents

Just as we pulled into a rest area for a break, the rains began … and FORTUNATELY we decided to check our wipers

as we discovered one of the blades was not properly attached to the wiper arm

so we relied on the only "mechanic" we could find

It worked!

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