March 31 – More of the Same … and Our Second COVID Shots!

Yesterday morning we received our second Moderna COVID-19 shot. 

Now both of us are "card carrying" members of the COVID-19 vaccinated set.

Other than a little tenderness at the injection site, neither of us has had any side effects from our shots last evening.  Today, I am still feeling great although Debbie began feeling a little off and had a slight temperature.  Hopefully, with another day and some Tylenol she'll be back to normal by tomorrow morning.

On the way back to our campgorund, we were driving beside a Cadillac SUV with the license plate reading "RJ GRONK"

and the guy inside looked amazingly like a former Partiot and now Tampa Bay Buc, Robert James Gronkowski.

We're told that in another 14 days we should have our full immunities to the COVID virus … although no one is sure about the protection they might offer to the several emerging UK, South African, Brazilain and even US-originated variants.   We assume there may be booster shots in our future.

Just as we have for the past month, we are being extremely careful and, yes, wear masks when in close interaciton with others here at Sun and Fun and always when going anywhere off the property.  We assume that this will remain the norm even after the next 14-days.

Since our last post, little has changed in our lives other than the weather has been close to outstanding with daytime highs ranging from the mid-70os to the upper 80os. 

We both walk daily and I am RC sailing two to three days each week.  However, the Camera Club is over for this season.

We did participate in another Craft Show where Debbie, again, sold a number of the baly blankets and hats she had knitted

and I sold several prints and took an specail order for a larger print.

I have been able to do some limited photography, mostly of wildlife and local fauna both here in the park and at the nearby Celery Fields conservation area.

Great Egret Gliding to a Landing

Mud Hen

Common Grackle

Great-tailed Grackle

Morning Dove

Red-tailed Hawk

Great Blue Heron

Tuscock Moth Caterpiller

Mexican Prickly Poppy

Common Water Hi\yacinth

White Water Lily

Allamandsa Scholto Flowe, and its Prickly Fruit

Tabebuia Tree in Bloom

Bird of Paradise

Live Oakss Draped with Spanish Moss

Espostoa Guentheri Cactus 

Moon Cactus

Then a number of plants which have taken root in the gutter above one of the Sun N Fun Post Office's doors



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