March 7 – Art Show, Joe & Jeanne Warwick and Incredible Circus Arts Benefit Performance

The past week was highlighted by my participation in a local Art Show here at Sun N Fun where I sold some additional prints and have one oversized print on order. 

We also had two great friends from our 2011 Alaska RV trip, Joe and Jeanne Warwick, over for a delicious pizza and key lime pie dinner before they left for home earlier this past week.

The balance of the past ten days has been pretty routine, sailing and photo club for me and our morning walks group for both of us … and  many hours spent in and aournd our motorhome as we are still being extremely cautious even though we have had out first COVID-19 vaccination.

However, we did make one exception … this past Friday night we went to Circus Arts Conservatory benefit ("Prevail") performance at the youth Sailor Circus Arena with friends Daniel and Traci at which there were several acts by a number of professionals, including some who have performed with Cirque du Soleil … each of whom had donated their time for a brief engagement.  Prevail will subsequently be available on-line, and although we've seen a prior Circus Arts perforemance on-line, it did not compare with being there in person. 

From a safety point of view, the capacity was only 30%, masking was mandatory, social seating distancing was observed and as we had front row seats there were no people seated in front of us.

Of all the subjects I have tried to photogrpay, a circus is unquestionably the most challenging due to the ever changing blue, red and other colored lighting, each of which can vary in intensity during an act.

There was one sad note, earlier this past week one of Debbie's Pennsylvania friends and participants on her weekly Sunday morning Zoom get-together passed away, although it was not unexpected. Mariana was the seventh friend of member of our extended family whose passing we have learned about since leaving home just prior to Christmas. 






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