January 1 – 14 – Sun N Fun

This year in Sarasota is somewhat different that in the past.

Other than our morning walk (everyone is wearing a mask), we have restricted our normal activities and the people in those few those in which we are participating area all masking and insofar as possible social-distancing. 

While Florida is trying to vaccinate everyone 65 and older, the supplies being allocated to the state far short of the demand.  To date, if you wanted to get a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, it has been necessary to register on-line.  I have tried on several occasions to be logged into Sarasota County Health Department’s COVID site in advance of the designated times only to see a message that they were SOLD OUT for all currently open dates.  In one instance we hard about, more than 9,000 people tried to register for 600 shots … with all being taken within 15 minutes.

Debbie has decided to avoid her classical stretch, line dancing, knitting and water aerobics (the latter as it has been far too cold for her).  I continue with my photo class (everyone seated alone at a six-foot table set six feet from any other table) and radio-controlled sailing (masked and by the nature of the activity, people are separated).  Neither of us has gone to Petanque, gone out to eat or visited with family in the area thus far. And due to aa fall due to black ice just before we left home, I am refraining from playing any golf until my right shoulder, on which I landed, gets a whole lot better,

We did participate in a campground "flea market” (masks were required) where Debbie was selling her baby/chair blankets and baby hats and I had my photography on sale.  She was the big money-maker for our twosome!

One morning we took a3.4 mile walk around the Nathan Benderson lake,

which hosts not high national school and collegiate one, two, four and eight man/women shell/crew races but Triathlons, Pentathlons and other U.S. and International events … as well as recreational kayaking.

Along two of the fences near the tower,

representing the finishing line for water races, is Sarasota’s 2020-21 Photoville Fence exhibit, a year-round public photography project exhibited in major parks and downtowns across North America featuring both U.S. and international professional and amateur photographers … in panels of 4 to 5 images printed on a white canvas background.  Some of the themes are artistic while others speak to suchissues as segretaion in 20th century American, historic old buildings across teh country and the brutality of autocratic African regimens.

We also have limited out grocery, drug and other store runs and try to go at time of day when the traffic is at a minimum.

Meanwhile, I have rediscovered jigsaw puzzles, which can become not only time consuming but addictive.

However, despite our self-limiting our activities, we find more, particularly outside, things to do here and the weather, while cool in January, tends to run 20o to 30o warmer than back in Pennsylvania.

Between cellphone calls, Facetime and a periodic family Zoom get-together, we have managed to stay in regular touch with our kids and grandchildren. 




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