A Longer Day than Originally Planned – Ashland, VA to Santee, SC

Last evening we began looking at the weather for the I-95 corridor over the next two days and how it might affect our travels from Ashland VA to Wade NC and then the next on to Jacksonville FL. Today's forecast for overcast conditions but with no rain nor high winds predicted.  So, we got underway a bit after 8:00 AM for what we thought would be our lowest mileage day of our four day trip to Sarasota.

Many of the campgrounds we've stayed in are notorious for RVs adorned with political and other banners suggesting their societal opinions.  While the Trump paraphernalia has mostly disappered, even in the South, this guy took top billing for today.

Shortly after getting back on I-95, we spotted a wreck in the northbound lane although we were moving too quckly for Debbie to get a clear, in-focus photo.

It did, however, create a more than five mile back-up for the folks headed north.

As we have traveled across North American, we have been intrigued with the seemingly endless types of bridges … ranging from historic, old wooded coverd bridges to the modern chamfered design.

After seeing virtually no police presence from Pennsylvania thru Delaware, Maryland and DC, almost from time we crossed the Potomac River into Virginia, we've seen one speed trap after another … to the dismay of many holiday-bound motorists.

Ninty miles later, we crossed the state line intowhere the police were, again, all but invisible.

For the most part, the traffic was relative light … although one minor slowdown was the result of a very wide load which I had to navigate around.

This half of a house soon pulled off onto a exit ramp

where it caught up with the rest of someone's home-to-be.

We also spotted our first, albeit brief, glimpse of blue sky of the day.

We made it to the South Carolina state line and pulled into a Visitor's Center for a break. again, checking the weather.

If we were to stick with our original plans and go only as far as Wade (just north of Fayetteville) it looked like we'd be confronted with severe thunderstornms and high and gusty winds the following morning and for most of our over 400 mile drive to Jacksonville … not an option we were comfortable with. 

But, as we were making excellent time, we decided to make today a much longer drive and push on south to Santee, SC, adding roughly three hours of driving time.

As the I-95 corridor through southern North Carolina and much of South Carolina can be pretty, in the winter with the leaves off the trees and fields brown, it can also be extremely boring from a scenic point of view.  While I had to keep focused on the road, Debbie took an interest in bumper stickers and other things of interest on the rear of our fellow travelers' vehicles … perhaps inspired by yesterday's SUV with 77 decals.

Having hiked New Hampshire's Mount Washington on many occasions and even taken the auto road to the summit once, I can assure you this fifth-wheel never "climbed" or drove up New England's highest peak.

Never could figure out what type ot animal was riding in this cage

Then, there was the Grinch … a character which I am occasionally accused of resembling from time to time.

We also caught a view of the first of what are generally 6-12 Confederate flags we always pass along this Interstate.

Despite the added distance, the traffic flow was excellent and there were virtually no slow-downs allowing us to reach Santee by 3:30 this afternoon.

Thie Santee Lake KOA was a new campground for us, and our 360th different one … and was exceptionally nice and after getting hooked up we walked to down to its beach to try to enjoy the 72o temperature and a posible sunset.

The campground was also obviously out to impress dog owners to clean up after their pets with signs posted throughout the facility.

.When reading through the materials the staff gave us when we checked in, Debbie noticed there was an on-site pizza shop and proviided free delivery.  Therefore, ordering a pizza rather than cooking for the evening was a no-brianer … and it was delicious!

Rain predicted for the overnight.


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