May 27 – Our Last Full Day on the Road Before Returning Home

We again hit the road early, in large part to try to stay ahead of some of the rains predicted for late morning and throghout the afternoon.  Still, once on the road we found ourselves driving through some foggy weather

and moderate rain, although thankfully it didn't last too long.

Then we hit the first of several areas of Road Work;

with the narrowed lanes always presenting a bit of "white knuckle" driving.

About 10 miles south of the Virginia border, we got our first glimpse of blue sky since prior to leaving Sarasota.

Once in

we again spotted some motorists having less than a pleasant day.

Then there was the flatbed which went roaring past us but clearly having some difficulty staying within his lane.

Other "highlights" on an otherwise less than exciting drive were a pink car,

overgrown shed,misplaced lighthouse,

flaatbed hauling railroad car axles and wheels,

and an attractive sound barrier draped with green vegetation.

On the way into our campgorund, we fueled up and filled our propane tank for the first time in well over a year.

Once settled in, we had a variety of housekeeping chores (washing the floors, cleaning the shower and bathroom, deforsting the freezer, etc;) as we'll be storing our motorhome for several months beginning tomorrow afternoon.


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