April 19 – 30 – Shelter-in-Place Continues

Our routine has changed very little.  More and more of the decreasing number of people here at Sun N Fun head north to the far less inviting climate of Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvana, Illinois,

Georgia (just turned 89 and seems a good 20-plus years younger) is headng home this coming Saturday.  She also makes some of the best toll house cookies we've ever eaten!


Friends Traci and Daniel.  They also let me store my sailboat in the shed on their site.

and even New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan,

What little excitement was provided by the parks' staff who came around last Friday in a parade of four golf carts with complimentary bags of red potatoes, cabbaage and other vegetablessteamed hot dogs

and, best of all, one with a tap from which they were dispensing free beer!In this day and age, it doesn't get much better than that!

After five years, our wind mobile … which we put out at every campground we stay at … partially blew away during a heavy wind.  We were thus thrilled when Traci and Daniel presented us with a new one they had ordered especially for us.

Soft blending of colors when gently blowing

Other than a weekly grocery trip, clad with a mask and gloves, we've only made one trip off the camppground property since March, a trip to a local watch outlet so Debbie could replace a  battery in her favorite (Red Cross) watch.  On the side of the building was an

We have continued to have a number of spectacular sunsets

and even a colorful sunrise yesterday morning.

While our original departure date of May 4th is almost upon us, after watching the weather in Langhorne, PA and staying tunned into the latest COVID-19 restrictions, we're still complating how long we'll remain in Sarasota.  Another key factor when we do pick a depearture date will be the weather … which has provuded a series of violent weather, including some tornadoes … along the I-95 corridor which will be our route of travel.

Another challenge will the prospect of very long days on the road as many campgrounds are closed or, as is the case in Virginia, only taking reservations if staying 14-days or longer. 

I suspect we'll make the final decision as to when to leave on fairly short notice … pack one day and head north the next.



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