February 8 – March 5 – Still Enjoying Sarasota’s Winter Weather

It’s hard to believe that we’re now half way through our winter stay in Sarasota.  The weather aside, often our biggest daily challenge is deciding what things we can’t do … as we are unable to be in two places at a time.

This year I have been spending far less time on the golf course and many more hours involved in my photography (now have an Instagram account: lifes_images_by_dick);

Recent Art Show in which I Participated

weekly radio-controlled (RC) model sailboat racing;

Petanque (which we both do twice a week) Meanwhile, Debbie manages to keep busy with her inside and outside walking groups; classical stretch (which she loves), line dancing, belly dancing; water aerobics; and acting as “race director” for the weekly sailing races.

Lastly, today marks one year since my best friend Ken passed away.

Debbie and I still miss him greatly and think of his wife of nearly 53 years often.

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