January 25 – February 8 – More of the Same in Sarasota

Our weekly routine has changed much …although last Thursday,I drove Debbie to Naples to spend a few days with tow of her very best friends fr0m our years living in Yardley, PA.

(l to r)  Wendy Manley, Debbie and Jane Johnson

With the new Sun N Fun wood shop still under construction (now months late) my involvement  with the photo club has gown and I continue to pick up a variety of new skills.

In case I haven’t mentioned it, Debbie is a serial knitter … whenever watch TV or otherwise doing something not otherwise involving her hands.  Today, there was a park-wide Craft Fair.  As Debbie was away, I manned the Dick  Debbie table, displaying for sale  almost two dozen of her incredible her baby blankets and hats … and 5×7, 8×10 and metal prints from my photography.

We had a great (personal best) day sales-wise, no believed that “I” was responsible for any of the knitting!

Actually,  I have been able to get several bunch of small projects done.

Tomorrow I am passing up on RC sailing to play golf with a friend whom I got to know through my friend, Ken, who passed away last mach and Debbie and I still miss.

Last evening, I was sitting in our motorhome dinette when I glanced outside to a spectacular sunset.




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