January 1, 2020 – Happy New Year

After a mid-morning walk, we decided to do a little sightseeing on Hilton Head. With no destination in particular, we took a side road toward the north side of Hilton Head Island.

Within the first half-mile, we discovered no less than three historic African American churches.

This bell hung in the church’s bell tower from 1889 until 1967

Across the street from the latter was the Cherry Hill School

We continued exploring several other secondary roads, some hosting a dichotomy of small communities of Gullah … a people who are the descendants of enslaved Africans who inhabit the sea islands of South Carolina and Georgia whose culture and religion and even Gullah language are unique … intermixed with newer housing developments and golf courses.

Our next stop was at Shelter Cove, an inlet and safe harbor for yachts and small watercraft.

as well as some “natives”.

One yacht owner, in particular had had his boat decked out for the Christmas season.

Before leaving the harbor area, we stopped in at the Marina’s Ship’s Store. There we saw one of the best models of the USS Constitution we’ve run across.

I received my Navy commission aboard this historic ship in June 1964

On a more serious note, the residents of Shelter Cove had dedicated a unique memorial to its and our nation’s veterans.

Along the many bike trails which crisscross Hilton Head Island there are painted palmetto trees on the bike paths indicating various historic locations.

We had intended to do some additional exploring but we continued to run into a requirement for passes … which cost money … such as driving to see the Harbor Lighthouse (which fortunately we’d visited in the past).

So, back to our motorhome, we settled in and Debbie got to watch most of the Rose Bowl Parade.

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