December 31 – New Year’s Eve in Hilton Head

Another long drive today, but with relative light traffic … although we still haad some gusty winds out of the west.

Since leaving home, we have been surprised at how few police we’d seen thus far, particularly as it is a holiday period when many people are traveling long distances and the TV news had been reporting increased police presence. However, we did spot a couple of travelers who had the opportunity to meet some of North and South Carolina’s finest … up close and personal!

The only real traffic hold-up we had began after passing highway warning signs announcing

several miles in advance. The traffic quickly began to slow to a crawl in both southbound lanes, Then from our rear we heard the unmistakable whine of an ambulance trying to make its way past the stalled traffic, often straddling the shoulder.

Approaching the pinch point where the two lanes had to merge to a single line, annoying drivers persisted in speeding down the cleared right lane

in an effort to drive as far as possible before having to edge ahead of so many other courteous drivers who had “zippered” in an orderly manner. However, the real frustration was when we saw that the mile-long, one lane restriction was apparently unnecessary as there was zero work apparently being done, despite two trucks parked in the blocked lane and no evidence of any highway department personnel in sight.

There was, however, some levity along the way on the rear of two vehicles which passed us.

A Scuba business

We made it to Hilton Head by early afternoon where we have a beautiful and private site

with a view of the Intercoastal Waterway out the front window of our motorhome.

This evening we had our New Year’s Eve dinner at the Sunset Grille

Leaving the restaurant, we took a few minutes to enjoy the adjoining marina

ant the heard the unmistakable sound of fireworks across the water.

Under crystal clear skies, the southern constellation of Orion and its recognizable “K” was clearly visible from the patio of our RV site.

Once again, by the time the ball drops over Times Square, we’ll likely have been fast asleep for some time.


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