Sept 15 (PM) – Rockport, MA

Our next stop was in the picturesque town of Rockport,

population 6,952 (2010 census), like Gloucester, located on the Cape Ann peninsula and is surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean.  Rockport’s art colony, one of the oldest in America, is home to over thirty galleries and museums. and Shalin Liu, a world-class performing arts center.

Through out the town, there are many historic old homes.

Finding a parking space in Rockport is a nightmare.  We had to make three 2-mile circuits around the town before finding a open parking space on Main Street.

While one car ahead of us trying to back in at an open spot, another impatient driver decided to use the sidewalk to bypass the congestion.

Shalin Liu Theater

Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Hall (1890)

Heading down Main Street toward the waterfront where parking is not permitted

Bearskin Neck forms the north side of Rockport's Harbor

and is lined with some very old buildings

as well as "tourist traps", art galleries, small cafes and a motel.

Flower box with flowers made from plastic soda bottles

Street musician who was strummin' and singing songs of JimmyBuffet


However, the highlights were the views of the harbor.

View of the harbor from the breakwater extending from the end of Bearskin Neck

All along Bearskin Neck, and more generaly throughout Rockport and Gloucester earlier in the day, people were accompanied by their dogs, some apparently needing a lift.

Walking around to the T-Wharf extending into the harbor to the south of Bearskin Neck, the views were equally beautiful and interesting.

Harbormaster's Boat

Straitsmouth Lighthouse at the south peninsula guarding the harbor

Steel and Wooden (in the distance) hoists for loading and unloading fish and cargo from ships

Sea Bay Yacht Club Wind Vane

Along the T-Wharf two signs, if taken literally, gave us pause to wonder what residents are supposed to do with their cars between 1:00 AM and 4:00 AM

There are many homes on the water with 24/7-365 views of the quaint harbor

At the intersection of Broadway and Mt. Pleasant Street there is a mini-rotary channeling traffic around, what-else

Near by is a cannon from the USS Constitution.

Two church steeples dominate the Rockport skyline

First Congregational Church

British Carronade captured during the Battle at Sandy Bay in the early morning of September 9, 1814 during the War of 1812


Unitarian-Universalist Society Church

Nearby is the Andrew Carnegie Library with is rounded facade.

Multi-colored marble statue in the courtyard

Side street entrance and garage door

Decorative garden hose holder

Heaading home, we retraced our morning's drive, getting some pictures we missed earlier in the day.

Decorative Door Knob in Rockport

Peg Leg Inn

A "true" houseboat

Marina mailbox in Essex

Another Essex mailbox

Couldn't beleive this sign

Before returning to our campground, we decided to take a quick look at Salisbury Beach

Carousel loaded with teenagers

In some cities and towns, there are painted cows, horses, lighthouses … but in Salisbury Beach, it is trash cans

Some light rain this evening … and hoping for a nice day to travel tomorrow.







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