Sept 08 – Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Leaving our campground, we headed to the much touted Botanical Gardens.  Our GPS, which too often has a mind of its own, took us on an unusual … and not the shortest … route.  However, it did provide one great photo op.

However, we finally arrived at the

where several sculptures lined the entrance road.

Opened in 2007, our “People’s Garden” invites visitors of all ages and abilities to create and to explore meaningful connections to plants and nature at their own pace.  A small group of MidCoast residents dreamed of building a world-class public garden on 148 acres of rocky coastal forest that would one day be both an economic engine and cultural anchor for our region. After 16 years of planning, the Gardens opened officially in the summer of 2007.

Since then, the Gardens has become one of Maine’s top attractions and one of the most distinguished botanical destinations in the country. Its exquisite gardens, dramatic and compelling natural landscape—including nearly a mile of tidal saltwater frontage—make it ever-changing, endlessly captivating and thoroughly unique. The Gardens presents limitless potential to inspire learning about natural history, habitats, botany, horticulture and ecological connections.

As the largest botanical garden in New England, the Gardens comprises 295 acres, 17 of which are gardens featuring native plants of Maine and other plants suited to northern coastal conditions.

Even with fall approaching, the floral display was amaing.

Queen Red Lime Zinnea

Acidanthera Gladiola

Angel Wings

Black Sprite Mountain Cornflower

Blanket Flower

Blue and White Hydrangea

Britt-Marie Crawford Bigleaf Ligulara

Cappucino Black-eyed Susan

Field of Sunflowers




Blue Forget-me-nots and Spider Flowers

Hameln Dwarf Fountain Grass



Lime Light Hydrangea

Meadow Rue

Joe Pye Eye

Red Paperbark Maple

Persian Fritillary

Pink Zinnea


Purple Cornflower

Purple Tip Verbena Bonariensis

Reeds reflecting on the water

Roof of Grass

Salvia Patens Patio Deep Blue


A Splash of Color

Star of Persia

Strawberry Hydrangea


Sweetbay Magnolia Bud


Tree Aenium

Water lily

Yellow Submarine Rose

Then there were some flowers we've thus far been unable to identify … any assistance would be appreciated.

There was also an interesting number of "vertical" gardens.

We also spotted a couple of "locals".

Bumble Bee

Cecropia Moth Caterpillar

Cecropia Moth Pupa

Cabbage White Butterfly

Monaarch Butterfly Caterpillar

Monarch Butterfly

Silver Spotted Skipper Butterfly


Cihpmunk Debbie Spied

Finally, there were a number of other schulptures, wind pumps and vanes, bridges, decorative stone patios and fountains & ponds througout the gardens.

"Bird Wind" – an amazing sculpture which moved under even the slightest breeze

"Rabbit" … what else



"Wind Orchid"

"Stalking Wolves"

"Chasing Waves" (left)  –  "Fiddlehead Chaise" (right)

One of which I found surprisingly comfortable

Lerner Pond

Fountain offset to the right so the waves created would bounce off the rocks to the left before reaching the waterfall

Rock fountain in Children's Garden

Dinner at Sue and Bob's … where we could watch a schooner taking guests for a sunset cruise

and the sunset after glow.

In the distance, the rhythmic flashing of the Inn of Cuckold light.

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