June 24 – Amherst to Littleton, NH

After fueling up and finally getting all our clothes property stored aboard, we hitched our Jeep to our motorhome and headed north.  While the trip, itself, was uneventful, the drive through Franconia Notch is always spectacular …

with the majestic  peaks of the Franconia Ridge lining its Eastern side

and the Kinsmans and Canon Mountain (on whose cliffs the Old Man of the Mountain stood 1,200’ above Profile Lake and the valley floor since the retreat of the last glaciers from New Hampshire before succumbing to Mother Nature on May 3, 2003).

While I have traveled through the Notch dozens of times and backpacked its abutting mountain peaks and ridge lines on numerous occasions, it remains one of my favorite spots in New Hampshire.

This after noon, we’re nestled among towering pines under a bright blue sky, punctuated with brilliant white cumulus clouds.Tomorrow morning, we be crossing into Quebec.

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