March 2 – Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota

Debbie’s brother, Dick took us to the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens is nested in 14 acres in a brick-laid residential section of Sarasota.

Enroute, we passed a statue of a famous VJ-Day kiss.

It is an open-air and under-glass museum of thousands of colorful and exotics plants.  Many of these plants have been collected from the wild on more than 200 scientific expeditions to tropical rain forests by Selby Gardens research staff but it is perhaps best known for its living collection of more than 6,000 orchids and is also the home for an established collection of other epiphytes including bromeliads, gesneriads, and other plants

Aside from the trees and flowers, the wildlife consisted of literally hundreds of Brown Anoles,


grazing Ibis and

Some of the largest Koy (some close to 2’) we’d ever seen. Across the river from the Selby Botanical Gardens were a few “every day” homes of some local residents.

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