January 1 – Debbie is Recovering

H a p p y      2 0 1 9

Yesterday, Debbie became one of eight (this select group also including Jason, Jake, Krista, Sean, Meg, Will and Calleigh) of our fifteen family members who were together at Nancy's this past Christmas who has succumbed to a nasty "bug" … sporting a 100o-plus temperature and nagging cough. 

As a result, we decided to remain in Wade for at least a couple of days before continuing on to Sarasota.  Unfortunately, we will have to cancel our planned side trip to Hilton Head where we had hoped to visit with friends and family. 

While she rested, I addressed a couple of minor projects and then dug my putter out of my golf bag stored beneath our bed so I could take on the challenge of the RV resort's miniature golf course … under partly sunny skies and temperatures reaching into the low 70os.

This evening, Debbie seems to be feeling significantly better.  However, we are going to sit tight for another day to allow her to, hopefully, fully recover.

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