July 26 – Plan for Fixing Out Steps – Gorgeous Dawn and Sunset

I was up by 5:30 AM this morning for a call back home to Brian who gaciously agreed to locate and ship our spare step motor to us for delivery tomorrow morning … hopefully!

After the call I went outside to read and was treated with a wonderful pre-dawn sky.

Bill, the local mobile RV repair man, was right on time and confirmed that problem we were having with our steps was the motor.  More specifically, it was the nylon gears which are apparently stripped.  Thus, having my spare already enroute with FedEx was a prudent decision.

Debbie went to lunch with her firend Jane while I worked on sorting, culling, labeling and filing photos.

Tonight, another golden sunset.

The sky held another treat this evening … the moon together with both Mars and Saturn visible with the naked eye.

Hopefully, FedEx will come through and my step motor will be here as scheduled by 10:30 AM so Bill and I can install it and Debbie and I can plan to be back on the road by Saturday morning.


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