September 22 – Home

For the first 100 miles traveling east along Pennsylvania’s I-80, we were surprised at the spectacular fall foliage colors, albeit they were somewhat muted due to the day’s overcast skies.

Meanwhile, while we’ve seen a wide variety of roadside signage encouraging (although more often threatening) the use of seat belts, Pennsylvania’s message were truly unique. At 4:20 PM this afternoon, we arrived back at

and home at last.  No sooner did we pull in our driveway then our neighbors were there to greet us … even before opening the door to our home.  An hour-plus and two glasses of wine later, we finally began pulling food, clothes and other gear off our motor home.  Debbie then noticed the fading light on the horizon.

Our once in a lifetime, 4½ month odyssey had spanned 130 days, during which we traveled 13,891 miles, across 18 states and 3 Canadian provinces/territories since we left home last May.

And, since we began our motor home traveling in February 2009, we’ve driven over 25,000 miles and been fortunate enough to have traveling through 44 states

and 7 Canadian provinces/territories.Whether seeing friends and families; traveling with a new group of friends; visiting famous monuments, state and national parks, private museums or so many incredible vistas; listening to the many varied sounds of nature; getting up-close-and-personal with wildlife; or simply driving across the plains and through rural towns with populations of as few as 10 individuals … we’ve found that traveling the United States and Canada could be a lifetime pursuit and only scratch the surface at the same time.

While we’ll be home until after the first of the year, planning for two extended trips in 2012 are well under way.

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