September 21 – Western Pennsylvania

As we were getting ready to leave this morning, we decided that if we could make it to the Pennsylvania border, we could make it home by Thursday afternoon.  However, much would depend on the weather, road conditions and the inevitable “Road Work”.

The northern Indiana landscape remained much the same as yesterday, mostly soy and corn fields

Some of which was “as high as an elephant’s eye”.

And, as is the case with most farm country, decaying barns were a common sight.

Meanwhile, the morning sunny skies slowly disappeared behind towering cumulus clouds and for the next several hours we drove through light mists and occasional heavy downpours.

Ohio was the first state we’ve passed through on this trip where there was not some fancy sign, often accompanied by the governor’s name, “welcoming” us to their state.  However, the first indication we had of our arrival in Ohio were a turnpike route sign

and an eight year old state bicentennial painting on a farm barn.

I-80/I-90 in Ohio varied wildly, with some very smooth sections, others that needed work, and some 20-30 under one form of construction of another … often reducing the traffic to one lane in each direction and running on for miles.

For the record, today marked our 245th day of motor homing … and the 245th day we’ve run into road construction.  There is one hell of a lot of road and bridge infrastructure improvements underway in both the US and Canada!

Ohio’s landscape bore little difference from that of Iowa, Illinois and Indiana other than it was a bit more hilly the further east we traveled.

Just after arriving in

we began to see more signs of fall

and a few still-in-bloom roadside flowers.With less than 30 miles to go, we were tied up in traffic from a serious automobile accident (we’ve seen very few in our travels) followed by another road construction delay.

A narrow back road and one lane bridge led four miles to our rural campground where, for some of the local residents, even our laid-back RV lifestyle was a bit too modern for their lives.

As we sit sipping our wine this evening we’ve only another 371 miles to go … on this trip!

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