September 19 – Winnebago Factory Tour

We’d hoped to get a few maintenance items addressed when we arrived at theHowever, without an appointment, the earliest they could take us would have been tomorrow morning.

While considering remaining in Forest City for another day we took our planned tour of Winnebago’s manufacturing facilities.  It was utterly fascinating.  Perhaps most interesting were the “just-in-time” inventory systems and the physical infrastructure to deliver the right parts to each of the hundred or so stations where parts and assemblies were being installed on a wide variety of recreational vehicles  simultaneously .

Their facility is huge with some of the buildings up to 8 and 11 football fields in size.  Unfortunately, photography was forbidden!

We then spent some time looking at one of Winnebago’s new models

before again heading East … rolling countryside

more fields of hay and corn,

and wind farms.

With commitments to our family, we have decided to drive pretty much straight through the rest of the week, as the expense of trying to squeeze in more sightseeing  and try to arrive home by the weekend.

This evening , we’re in a beautiful municipal campground this evening where the first true signs of fall are setting off our motorhome.

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