May 1 (Afternoon) – President Jimmy Carter Presidential Museum and Peace Center

This afternoon, we visisted the President Carter Library, Museum and Peace Center.  It  provides a unique experience through immersive exhibitions

this is the first of the presidential libraries we've visited where I could sit at a computer and pull up images of documents in the library on command.

of objects, documents, and photographs, videos (inclluding recorded interviews with President and Rosalynn Carter),

covering the period from his childhood

to his tour as a U.S. Naval Submarine Officer,

Argus rangefinder camera used while serving in the Navy

courtship and marrige to Rosalynn

his early political career in Georgia

That's Carter sitting next to Lester Mattox

run for the presidency

Campaign buttons of his competitors in the 1976 Democratic primaries

with highlights include a life-size replica of the Oval Office,

Unfortunately, the current presdient has no concept of Truman's admonition

a minute-by-minute "A Day in the LIfe of the President" (13 foot screens)

the president's "red phone" … which connected him with his military commanders, not the Kremlin

the signature accomplishment of his presidency, the negotiation of the Camp David Accords between Israel and Egypt.

beautiful gifts from world leaders (including)

Handwoven wool tapestry of George Washington – a gift from the last Shah of Iran 

Ostrich Egg decorated with shinesones and lace.  It depicts Carter's Cabinet inside and musical base plays "Hail to the Chief"

The chamnpagne bottle Rosalynn used when she christened the USS Jimmy Carter (SSN-23) in June 2004

Unique painting by Octavio Ocampo

whose elements are made up of Americana

Federal Hall in New York City where George Washington was inaugratedin 1789

Independence Hall in Philadelphia

Right hand composed to U.S. neval and commerical ships

Lefh hand is composed of types of land transportaion


Unfortunately, we did not spend a great deal of time outside on the grounds 

Holly with blue berries

Holly leaves

Elusive cardinal

"Venture Bound" – Young boy leading a blind man



Jimmy Carter's true legacy, however will likely be judged by his post-presidency accomplisments and his commitments to world peace and service to humanity.  To that end, he and Rosalynn established the Carter Peace Center.

The Carter Center has become a pioneer in the field of election observation, monitoring 107 national elections to help ensure that the results reflect the will of the people.  Beyond elections, the Center seeks to deepen democracy by nurturing full citizen participation in public policy-making and by helping to establish government institutions that bolster the rule of law, fair administration of justice, access to information, and government transparency.

A culture of respect for human rights is crucial to permanent peace. The Center supports the efforts of human rights activists at the grass roots, while also working to advance national and international human rights laws that uphold the dignity and worth of each individual.

When democracy backslides or formal diplomacy fails, the Center offers conflict resolution expertise and has furthered avenues for peace in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia.

Since 1982, The Carter Center has shown that creating a world at peace is a very possible journey, one step at a time.

Then there are the many deserved awards and recognitions the Carters received for their lifetimes of service.

Dorothea Dix Award presented to Rosalynn Carter by the Mental Illness Foundaton in 1968

Eleection Observer IDs used in the Carters when monitoring the 2009 Lenanese elections

Presidential Grammy – for the "Best Spoken Word Album" for his audiobook "Our Endangered Values – American's Moral Crisis"

The Gates Award for Global Health presented by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to the Carter Center in 2006 … which came with a $1 million contribution to the Carter's work

On August 9, 1999, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter were awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bill Clinton, the nationan's highest civilian award

2002 Noble Peace Prize





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