April 28 – Leaving Florida

After having been able to get together with Nancy and family again last evening at Universal Studio's

we were ready to begin our serious trek north this morning.

Our drive along the Florida Turnpike and I-75 offered little in the way of dramatic landscapes or interesting sidelights.  Thus, Debbie settled for shooting  "old" things,

the first roadside flowers we've seen this year,

decorative sound barriers,

herds of grazing cattle,

and a three-wheeled "trike".

Eventually our progress was rewarded,

just a few miles before arriving at our campground for the evening in Lake Park, Georgia (population 560) where we were greeted by

However, our site

sits nestled among many stately live oaks draped with Spanish Moss

and the only wildlife we have seen are

Blue Heron

Gray Squirrel


White-necked Mallard Duck

Black-billed Goose





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