April 10 – Chris and Melanie – End of Sailing Season

Over the past couple of weeks, many of teh winter's activities have been winding down as people slowly begin their migration back to their homes to the north.  My radio-controlled sailboat racing has been among the casualties with our last races this past Sunday.

Aside from spending time with Ken and Cheryl, we have had a chance to get together with cousins Sandy & husband Jeff,

who has been recovering from knee surgery and Chris and wife Melanie who ventured down to Sarasota yesterday from their home in Reddick, FL.

Some facial treatments to address far more sun damage to my face than I'd imagined has kept me off the golf course for the better part of the past two weeks.  However, with friends Tom Briggs and Jim DeCarlo, we played at Lakewood National today … at least until the heavens opened up dumping the most rain we've seen in some two months.  However, it did give me a change to test out a golf tee my gransdon Jake

had carved especially for me.

Also heard that grandson Ben, a freshman at Bloomsburg University,

slammed his first Collegiate home run this past weekend!



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