January 5 – Day One in Sarasota

While firends and family back home would consider our Friday's low-50os temperature a "heat wave", a chilly breeze discouraged us from donning summer clothing. 

With a short, but important, list of maintenace problems, we stopped by the local RV dealer who installed an auxillary breaking system in our Jeep (which is not working properly) last Jnauary; called for an appointment with another RV dealer in Tampa to address a leak in our washing machine; hit the Jeep dealer where we purchased our Jeep to sechedule an appointment for a free oil change and tire rotarion to which we are entitled to; dropped off our ship's clock (originally purcahed for our sailboat many years ago) to correct some time and bell synchronization issues … before stopping by to surprise our best friends for the past 51½ years, Ken and Cheryl,

who weren't even home.

Back at Sun N Fun, we picked-up our mail and noticed parked outside

Not having donated since before my tyroid cancer surery in June 2015, I decided to

Back at our coach, Debbie, who has not been feeling well, took the afternoon off and rested.

About the time I finished cleaning and reorganizing our "basement' compartments, the mobile RV repair service we'd called arrived to replace our leaking "black water" discharge valve, without which, using our toilet was severaly restricted.

Just after the work wsa done, we had perhaps the most spectacullar sunset we've seen at this campground.

While dispoing of the trash this evening, we passed a motorhome which had obviously been here since before Christmas.

Temperatures projected to hit the 70os by Sunday… can't wait!.


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