January 2 – Still Trying … Apparently in Vain … to Escape the Cold Weather

We awoke to another very chilly day as we prepared to leave South Carolina and head to Florida in hopes of leaving the winter weather behind.  However, leaving the Hilton Head RV Park & Marina

where we've spent the past couple of days, we could only hope the 25o temperature would increase and the winds continued to howl … churning up white caps on the sheltered interccoastal waterway adjacenat to the campground

and flags were out nearly straight.

As we crossed into

speed traps were omnipresent

and the strong northeasterly winds still evident in the water blowing from a fountain..

Of all the Interstates we've driven across the country during the past several years, the litter along I-95 in Georiga was as bad as we'd seen anywhere.

Our arrival in the sunshine state

failed miserably to produce either sunshine or warmer weather.

The only intersting thing we saw was an SUV covered with baseballs which sped past us.

Tonight we're sitting in Jacksonville

with hopes of getting to Sarasota tomorrow.

This evening, we had an opportunity to take one of my cousins, Lindsey, and her fiance Phil to dinner.

It was a fun time and we'll get to see them again here in Jacksonville for their March 3rd wedding!

HOWEVER, the forecast for tomorrow morning, and possibly on into the afternoon, is for mixed precipiatation and likley freezing rain and even the possibility of a few snow showers!  If that prediction become reality, we'll simply sit tight for another day.


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