May 10 – Going Home

After a little more than four months, we we're headed home today … generally, however, the most arduous of any trip when having to pass through Washington, DC, Baltimore, Wilmington and Philadlephia!  Aside from the unpredictible traffic (generally heavy just south of the Potomac River and through Philly), there are section of I-95 which border on "horrible".  Then there is the always "exciting" trip up and over the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore.

Fortunately, unklie during our trip south, there were no cross-winds.

No sooner than we left our Ashland, VA campground, we kept our record in tact, passing through a

zone on every day we've actually traveled in our motorhome!

Since leaving Sarasota, we have been surprised at the number of vehicles we've seen which have been pulled over by local and state police, and today was no exception.

Otherwise, the trip was rather uneventful, although we were passed by both a polo team's mounts

one of several truks sporting an American flag,

Half a house,

and a boat

While my attention was focused on the road, Debbie did manage to spot an old barn,

several water towers,

several boats, two afloat,

while the other was well past any hope of salvaging it.

and some pretty roadside color.

We arrived back in Langhorne shortly after 2:00 PM and were unlaoded and returned our motorhome to where we store it by late afternoon. 

Now, we're looking forwrad to catching up with our kids and cgrandchildren over the next two months.






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