April 25-30 – Our Final Days in Sarasota

Several days ago, it began to dawn on us that our escape to Sarasota was quickly drawing to a close.  Debbie and Sharon joined Tom and I for lunch at the Mission Valley Golf Club before we headed out for a round .. while th egirls hung out during teh afternoon.  That evening, we had dinner at …. 

Wednesday evening we went to teh Nokomis Drum Circle.

While still great for people-watching, it is much more subdued that those on Siesta Key Beach, in part as the number of tourists and snowbirds in the area is shrinking daily.

However, we never tire of the sunsets over teh Gulf of Mexico!

As we were leaving be beach, we turned around an were further rewarded …

While we have a great site at Sun N Fun, one with a large live oak providing us with shade during the day, the tree also has its downside as it sheds leaves and other debris, some of which lands on the roof of our motor home.  So, a prrofessional cleaning was called for.  Drew (on the roof) with his sone

and grandson (whom we tipped)

did a fantastic job!

Golf on Friday with Jeff Fitts while Debbie and Sandy (my cousin) went shopping.

Dinner with Debbie's brother ans sister-iin-law, Kate on Saturday evening.

This morning we were ready to leave and went to hook up our new Jeep … only to discover to our dismay that we could not disengage the transmission so it could be towed.  A quick trip to the dealer where we purchased the car ended is more disappointment as they're closed on Sundays!

So … today we get to sepnd another unplanned day in the Sunshine State!  Oh well, tough life!


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