February 7 – March 5, 2017 – It’s Tough to Spend the Winter in Sarasota

The past month has seemingly flown by as we continue to discover that since retirement it’s increasingly hard to recall how we had any time for work!

While Debbie continues her yoga, line dancing (more later) and stretching exercises, I have managed to hit the golf course several times a week; often with wildly varying results.  Debbie got in one evening of Bingo, where she was a winner and I have discovered two versions of shuffleboard, which I really enjoy.

We have also spent time with Debbie’s brother Dick and his wife Kate; my cousin Sandy and husband Jeff; and our best friends for over 50 years, Ken and Cheryl.

I had a one –day trip to Jupiter, FL to meet with the Els for Autism foundation and its Center of Excellence,

founded by former world’s No.1 PGA golf great, Ernie Els and his wife Leizl after their son, Ben was diagnosed with autism spectrum,  

They will be the primary recipients of our Rotary Club’s annual charity golf outing this coming June.   Seeing what they have accomplished and what is yet to come was an amazing experience into this extraordinary project designed to show the world what resources can be available to children and young adults on the autism spectrum (which affects 1 in every 45 children between 3 and 17) as well as the numerous program elements and research plans that will expand its reach far beyond South Florida.  More on the event can be found at www.rotaryclubofshadybrook.com.

We made a couple of trips to Fort Myers to visit with friend we met and became close to during our winters in Naples as well as a trip to Naples to visit with Debbie’s friend, Wendy

and also for another reunion with Naples’ friends.

We had to put our new Jeep in the shop for several days to have a “base plate”, wiring and auxiliary breaking system installed to we will be able to tow it behind our motorhome.

Sometimes $2,000 doesn’t look like much!

Sunsets which paint the sky in a variety of … sometimes pastels and at other times brilliant colors … whether at the beach or when seen form our motorhome, are almost always an example of Nature’s beauty.

Here at Sun N Fun, they held a 50th Anniversary luncheon for all couples who had been married fifty years or more.

While we’re in our 51st year,

one of the couples was married in 1947 (Debbie was just 1)  and were celebrating their 70th!

We also took in a movie, the first time I have been to a movie theater in several years.

This past week, I actually joined Debbie at one of her line dancing classes.  While I was able to catch on to a couple … I decided to sit out others as the circuity between my ears (to listen to the cuing and music), brain and feet was out-of-sync!

Last evening, the campground put on another very lovely event … for cancer survivors.  

While there was a dinner … where we met several couples and singles, one a 30-year survivor … and some “fun” entertainment

and dancing … including a line dancing demo (from which I was self-excluded) …

there was a somber yet celebratory side which celebrated those who’ve beaten or are presently battling cancer.  It began with the presentation of US and Canadian colors

followed by a symbolic parade of survivors

and ending at a pathway lit by luminaries in remembrance those who had lost their battle with cancer.

This morning we went to see a chalk art contest.  Upon arrival, we discovered the drawings were mostly done by young children.  However, it was fun and some of the sketches were quite good.

Tonight, we and friends

Robert, Ken, Cheryl, Debbie and Sue Ann

headed to Siesta Key Beach for the Sunday “Drum Circle

and sunset.  Where people watching is concerned, these weekly events rate a strong 8.0 and above.  This evening, the “free spirits” dancing, twirling, hula hooping, and otherwise just having fun to the incessant beat of the drums were a far larger group than usual and spanned from young children

to, teenagers, college students and adults (some “regulars” who not surprisingly seem to have a need to be noticed),

Mother and Son

We never could figure out what this guy was doing!

to “seniors”!

Away from the Drum Circle …

While tonight’s sunset was less colorful than usual, it was still a wonderful show of nature’s beauty!

From there, we made a stop at Sub Zero,

a unique ice cream shop where they actually make your ice cream

“to order” … right in front of you!









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